Since 1946 our grandfather Giovanni Micieli, dedicated himself to the realization of stamps for steps,  columns, balustrades, fountains etc
1959 1961
In 1959 the elder son Biagio (our father) began to collaborate with our grandfather, but in 1961 due to the economic crisis they were forced to emigrate to Germany, they began to work in the field of the construction industry. Few years later Biagio started studying, he attended the art school. acquiring principles in the field of construction particularly on thermal insulations and  heatings; three years later he obtained his diploma: “Gesellenprüfung alsMAURER”.
1968 1970
Our grandfather and our father, went back to Italy in 1968. Together they created a company, the Marmital, for marble working, as time passed, they also dedicated themselves on  prestigious works for churches, public and private authorities. In the 1970s they began to produce fireplaces and coverings.
In 1986 Biagio, with our uncles (his brothers), established a company, the Treemme snc of the Micieli Brothers, Biagio was nominated legal Representative of the company.
1997 1999
In 1997 with his remarkable knowledge in the field, he produced stamps for the production of brick ovens. Since the very beginning they had a remarkable success; since 1999 Biagio has had by his side his son Giovanni. In order to give continuity to the prestige gained from his father over time, Giovanni at the young age of 14 decided to collaborate, nourishing his own knowledge attending the Art High School,  whereby he graduated as an Art Master (Applied Arts in plastic decoration).
In  2004 they continued to improve their study with regards to professional ovens. All of the techniques  of production were reevaluated, conducting them to the creation of a new professional oven, made with refractory material and total electrical management, that allows to work with the oven’s mouth open. The main innovation was the use of the electric oven, obtaining the same result and the same consumption of the classical wood fired ovens. After Biagio’s innovative and functional idea, he decided to involve Giovanni for the planning and Alessandra (Biagio’s younger daughter) as a technician of the business management, she took care of the presentation of the licences.
In July 2007, after forty years of Biagio’s experience in the field,  he decided to exit from the Treemme snc; entrusting to his son and daughter, Giovanni and Alessandra, the management of a new company “Gi. Gi. Micieli sas”, engaging itself on maintaining the prestige acquired over time and projecting it towards the future. Thanks to Biagio’s great experience and the innovative ideas of Giovanni and Alessandra, a new and valid team was born the Gi.Gi. Micieli sas.