I nostri forni


Our ovens for pizzerias and bakeries have all the baking spaces in “compressed” low vault refractory and with a mechanical hold. This characteristic allows to resist over time to high temperatures and obtain perfect baking. Valuing to the maximum the taste of food, maintaining overconsumption reduced and respecting the environment. 

Our ovens have 
various types of recharges:

  • with an ecological burner “Pellet”

  • with a gas burner

  • with electrical recharge “ open oven’s mouth” (a Biagio Micieli’s patented systemthat allows to keep a constant temperature, and to maintain expenses reduced)

  • with wood recharge

All of the ovens are characterized for the perfect distribution of the temperature and for the thermal hold.
This is done to satisfy the different needs of the operator.

GI.GI. MICIELI’s ovens are divided between “Fixed Base” and “Ready to Use

 The FIXED BASE ovens measurements:

The ovens for pizzerias: 100 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm (intended for the diameter of the baking space).

The ovens for bakeries: 240x150 cm, 150x150 cm, 330x150 cm. The measurements of the brick wall structure that will contain the oven could vary depending on the client’s needs.

The fixed base ovens are to be assembled at the client’s premises, depending on the available space.

The READY TO USE ovens measurements:

Forno 100 (model 100) the baking space measurement is 100 cm, the space needed is 128 cm.

Forno 140 (model 140) the baking space measurement is 140 cm, the space needed is 175 cm.

Forno 160 (model 160) the baking space measurement is 160 cm, the space needed is 195 cm.

Forno 180 (model 180) the baking space measurement is 180 cm, the space needed is 215 cm.

The ready to use ovens are already assembled and will be delivered ready to be used.